2019 Holiday Gift Guide: 80 Gift Ideas Under $50

Let’s be honest… gift-giving is fun, but it can be so difficult. And so expensive! So instead of giving you the typical “list for him/her” with items that might cost a small fortune, I have broken this list down into several categories and kept things pretty affordable. There is a ton of room for crossover in these categories, so make sure to browse them all, and don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what you got or are adding to your own shopping or wishlist!

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Early this November, I asked on Instagram who was on your list this gift-giving season, and you all did NOT let me down with your responses. In fact, you kept me SUPER busy by giving me a pretty solid list of the people in your life who you need some help shopping for.

Let’s be honest… gift-giving is fun, but it can be so difficult. And so expensive! So instead of giving you the typical “list for him/her” with items that might cost a small fortune, I have broken this list down into several categories (thanks to your suggestions) and kept things pretty affordable. I see too many gift guides that assume we’re willing to break the bank on every person we love (do we all really have $150 to spend on Dad, $220 to spend on Mom, and $80 to spend on our coworkers? I think not). I don’t know about you, but I’m not living that life. I can’t afford to buy anyone’s love, and I am a person who truly believes that the thought and effort are what count. I’d much rather give and receive gifts that say “this has your name all over it, and I hope it reflects how well I know you/how I see you/how I value our relationship” rather than “I spent all my money on you!” But maybe that’s just me.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

In this guide, there are some affiliate links, but the point of this post isn’t for me to make a few cents off your purchase (although, tbh, that would be cool). Instead, I just want to help you cut costs and give gifts that the people on your list will love and appreciate for their thoughtfulness and use. These are gifts that I think are just pretty darn cool, and although I typically share things that I use and products I am familiar with and love, today’s post is an exception… I have not bought and used each of these products… I can’t afford to! There are, however, many items on these lists that I have or will purchase (potential spoilers for those on my shopping list this year!), and nearly everything is from a store or marketplace that I frequently buy from and trust.

One more thing before you get your shopping underway — there is a ton of crossover among these categories. I came up with these categories to give you a bit more streamlined shopping experience, but please look at all of the categories — there’s a good chance that there’s something under The Busy Bee that might also be a great gift for The Dude Who Has Everything. Browse it all! And let me know in the comments what you ended up with! 😊

To shop: Click the photo so the caption appears. Product links are in each photo’s caption (I also include some additional information on many items). Tap or click the link to shop.

The Dude Who Has It All

Why are dads, husbands/boyfriends, and brothers the hardest to shop for? Oh, I know. They pull an Ariana Grande in 7 Rings… “I want it, I got it.” It’s. So. Frustrating. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some affordable items that they may not have already purchased for themselves. I’ve also verified the items on this list with an actual guy who has everything… he says they’re cool 😁


The Lady in Your Life (Who Might Be Hard to Shop For)

There are always one or two women in my family who are hard to shop for. Usually, it’s my grandmother and aunt. In your life, it might be your mom, sister-in-law, cousin… someone who you know and love, but for whom you can never find a gift that is useful, shows thought, and doesn’t cost a ton. Here are some ideas for that lovely lady who you just. Can’t. Shop for.


Friends From Work

You know them. You love them. You work side by side with them, gossip with them, and maybe hit the occasional happy hour with them. They’re your work family, and you spend just about as much time with them as you do your actual family, but you’re not willing to spend family-member-level cash on them. Fair enough.


The Homebody

I. Love. Staying. In. I am such a homebody and I kind of love that as I get older, this pastime is being recognized as an actual hobby. Maybe I was ahead of the curve with this whole self-care and taking time for yourself thing, but I’m glad the rest of the world is catching up. Here are some great ideas for the person in your life who loves to lounge and whose home is truly their happy place.


The Tech Lover

Finding gifts and gadgets for tech lovers can be such a challenge, especially if you’re trying to stay within a modest budget. My dad is a techie, and I know he’d love some of these gifts. I hope your tech lover does too!


The Busy Bee

We all know (or are) someone who is always on the go. That might mean running a business, juggling work or school and a side hustle, chasing after children all day… whatever it is, this person’s life is probably somewhere between organized chaos and an absolute tornado. These next few items just might be what helps bring a little relief to our busy bee’s chaotic schedule.


The Maker

This one is for the creative types who like to work with their hands — the handyperson, the DIY enthusiast, and the crafter.


The Book Nerd

The book nerd is always a fun one to shop for, in my opinion. Too often, we they end up with book store gift cards or new books, which are always fantastic gifts, but bookishness opens the door to so many more fun and creative gift ideas. I can’t reach all fandoms with this list, but here are some gifts your lit lover will surely appreciate.


The Homemaker

The homemaker is the person who enjoys hosting, cooking and baking, and organizing. They are the heart of the home. The boss. They keep things running smoothly, people fed, and the laundry done. Bless these humans 🙏🏽


In all honesty, I could keep going… I love shopping for people. It brings me such joy and, if I had the funds, I would buy every single thing I’ve listed for either myself or someone on my list.

I tried to let you know when I have purchased something before, but I’m also hoping that if you make any purchases from this list, that you leave a comment and let your fellow readers and me know what you got and how it worked out. I hope that between the plethora of ideas, the low prices of the products listed, and the categorization system, you are able to find something to make your loved ones feel truly seen and loved.

That said, I want to remind you NOT to go broke shopping for the holidays. Most of the people in your life are probably perfectly happy knowing you love and care about them enough to think of them or spend time with them during this very hectic season.

I wish you all the happiest and safest of holidays, and happy shopping! ❤️

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