Earl Grey and Shortbread No-Churn Ice Cream

There’s something soothing and comforting about a cup of Earl Grey tea and Walker’s Shortbread Cookies… or biscuits, depending on which side of the pond you’re on. This no-churn ice cream combines these tea time staples into a flavorful, slightly salty, slightly sweet, and satisfyingly creamy and crunchy dessert.

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A long time ago, I worked for a lovely British couple (he was from Buckingham and she was from Coventry, in case you were wondering), and every afternoon, the wife would put the kettle on, steep us a cup of Earl Grey, and take out a tin of Walker’s Biscuits. Admittedly, I didn’t love this job, but I loved this tea time tradition.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve repeated this ritual on my own, but when I saw Walker’s on sale, I picked some up, went home, put on the kettle (okay, fine… I boiled my water in the microwave), and enjoyed a little tea time of my own. (By the way, unless you’re going homemade, Walker’s is THE way to go for shortbread in not only my opinion but the opinion of all of Britain.)

It was then that is dawned on me that this duo would make the BEST ice cream.

Earl Grey and Shortbread Ice Cream

It’s really rare that I make a recipe that’s spot-on the first time, but this one was a winner right out of the gates. I thought for sure the tea flavor would be too mild or the cookie to ice cream ratio would be too much (that’s not even a real problem, tbh), but it was delicious!

I repeated this recipe and served up scoops to friends and colleagues, and everyone agreed — this is the most perfect and well-balanced tea and cookie ice cream I could have created.

The cookies are crunchy and slightly salty. The ice cream is smooth and creamy and boasts a bold citrusy black tea flavor. It’s lightly sweetened and embodies a much cooler version of afternoon tea… see what I did there?

I hope you enjoy this simple, straight-forward, and delicious no-churn ice cream. Let me know in the comments if you try it, and tag me in your Early Grey + Shortbread Ice Cream pics on Instagram!

Earl Grey and Shortbread Ice Cream

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