Orange Cardamom Rolls

These Orange Cardamom Rolls combine my childhood love for orange cinnamon rolls and my newfound obsession with cardamom into one deliciously fluffy and flavorful breakfast treat. Top these fluffy buns off with gooey, zesty, orange cream cheese frosting, and you’ll be ruined for all other cinnamon rolls… I’m only a little sorry about that.

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Pillsbury cinnamon rolls used to be a family favorite. We’d pop a can open on the weekends, but holiday’s were the big deal breakfasts when we had  to have them. Over time, the brand introduced orange flavored rolls. These we a game-changer. (Don’t even get me started on Trader Joe’s pumpkin rolls….)

Over the years, I learned how to make cinnamon rolls from scratch, and then I had my own game-changer: cardamom.

If you were like me and lived most of your life without becoming acquainted with this flavor-packing spice, then my condolences. I’ve been there. I went 30 years without knowing this heavenly spice existed, but now that I know, I’ve been putting it in just about everything.

Oh, you just wait… there will be more cardamommy goodness in the future, I can promise you that!

These Orange Cardamom Rolls combine my childhood love for orange cinnamon rolls and my newfound obsession with cardamom into one deliciously fluffy and flavorful breakfast treat.

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I’ve made these rolls for my birthday party this year, on our Spring Training trip, for Christmas, and for many weekend breakfasts (with leftovers that become weekday breakfasts). These rolls have become a staple on my breakfast menu.

The recipe may seem a bit complicated, but for the most part, you’re playing a waiting game. You’re waiting for the dough to rise, waiting for the buns to proof, waiting for the piping hot rolls to come out of the oven.

Orange Cardamom Roll Hack — Prep One Day, Bake The Next!

Because of all the waiting, this is a really good weekend baking project if you’re around the house and have other things to do, or you can do what I do and divide the prepping and rising and the proofing and baking into two parts — I do this more often than not, because waking up at 6am for an Orange Cardamom Roll at 9am sounds awful. Often times, I’ll make the dough, let it rise, roll it out and create my rolls, put them in a greased pan, throw a lit on them, and put them in the fridge. The cold keeps them from proofing, so they won’t continue to grow. The next morning, I’ll take them out of the fridge and let them proof for about an hour before putting them in the oven to bake. If you really want to (and sometimes I do), you can set an alarm to put them on the counter and then go back to bed for an hour while they proof. Get another hours of sleep, get up and put them in the oven, and an hour later you’ll have hot and fluffy sweet rolls. If I’m being completely honest, this is usually how it goes for me.

I also want to mention a word on orange juice — it does not matter what kind of OJ you use. I do not care if you use store-bought or if you freshly squeeze your own and will in no way judge or be personally offended! I’ve used bottled OJ and skipped the orange zest altogether in this recipe before, and it is still great… just a little less orangey. I’ve also used orange zest and bottled OJ. It tasted great. I have also been an overachiever and squeezed my own oranges because why not, and I need them for the zest anyways — this has also been great. The point is, I don’t judge, and I’ve tried it all. The recipe calls for orange juice… it’s up to you how you want to go about procuring it. Either way, you’ll end up with some gorgeous and delicious buns with a gooey, zesty cream cheese icing.

If you have any questions or comments about this recipe, let me know in the comments below or reach out on Instagram. And don’t forget to tag me in your instapics whenever you make one of my recipes! I want to see how yours turned out and share it with others!

Orange Cardamom Rolls



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