Two Days in Denver

One of my best friends moved to Colorado some time ago, but I was only recently able to take advantage of her generous invitation to come stay with her for a long weekend. It took a while for us to finally get out there, but it was a blast and worth the wait. Not only was the weather great , but we went to an awesome Dodgers and Rockies game, went to our first movie party, and enjoyed more than our fair share of delicious local beer and food. Here is our two-day itinerary, including where and what we ate!


I used to be devastated when friends broke the news that  they were moving away. As I’ve gotten older (and have moved away myself), I am learning to appreciate the fact that friends who move often want visitors and are often very eager to host their out-of-town company.

One of my best friends moved to Colorado some time ago, but I was only recently able to take advantage of her generous invitation to come stay with her for a long weekend. It took a while for us to finally get out there, but it was a blast and worth the wait. Not only was the weather great , but we went to an awesome Dodgers and Rockies game, went to our first movie party, and enjoyed more than our fair share of delicious local beer and food.

We caught the last flight out from Burbank to Las Vegas on a Thursday night, which is a less expensive travel day that a Friday and allowed us to get some rest before we spent Friday roaming around town. Our flight was delayed, and we narrowly made our layover flight to Denver — it was so close, in fact, that as we were waiting to get off the first plane, I got a Southwest update that our next plane was boarding. So much for our plan for food and to play the slots in the airport for a bit!

Arriving in Denver

IMG_7554When we got to Denver, I immediately noticed that this airport is confusing… maybe it was the exhaustion or hunger, but we were lost. This is a massive airport with multiple floors and an underground train that transports passengers from one gate to another. We got off at one point because we had no idea where we were going. For future reference, ride it to the end where baggage claim is. And HOLD ON! That train BOOKS it, so be prepared for a jolt! When you get off at baggage claim, you are given the option of East or West terminals. I was too tired for this mega-airport nonsense. I just wanted to find outside. My advice to you is to find out ahead of time where your ride is picking you up (unless you are taking a ride share like Lyft or Uber), because this place can get confusing pretty quickly.

One more thing of note – the airport is way on the outskirts of town, so if you’re planning on taking a rides hare, the price could potentially get up there, depending on where your final destination is.

Denver Day 1

I want to preface this by saying that my friend Courtney does not actually live in Denver. She lives nearer to Aurora, but Denver is a very short distance away, and we spent most of our trip there.

We slept in a bit on Friday before we went to a local restaurant called The Egg & I. This place reminded me a bit of a Cocos or Carrows in the best ways — it smelled like hot, mouthwatering diner breakfast and coffee when we walked in, and the decor was warm and inviting. I ordered the Colorado Jack Scramble, and it was delicious. The food came out piping hot and full of flavor. My scramble was served with a side of pork green chili, which I poured all over my scramble. The prices were very reasonable, and if there was a location close to me, I could definitely see myself eating here again.


After brunch, we went to a few local breweries. We started at Comrade Brewing Company, a Russian-themed brewery located in Denver. This family and dog-friendly bar has a ton of events that brings the community together, and they have TVs and board games for patrons to enjoy. This brewery actually reminded me a lot of MacLeod Ale Brewing Co., a little hole in the wall brewery Chris and I frequent at home.

I ordered a beer flight so I could try a few of the beers they’re known for, and one that really stood out was the jalapeño beer. This brew actually tasted like jalapeño peppers! It’s a very light beer with a very distinct spiciness to it. As interesting as this beer was, my favorite (and Chris’) was their Helles Lager, Trade War.



Because one flight of beers after brunch isn’t enough, next we went to Dry Dock Brewing Co in Aurora. This nautical-themed bar was another very family-friendly venue with tons of delicious and interesting-sounding beers to choose from. On Courtney’s suggestion, I tried the Apricot Blonde. This was a beer of beauty. It was light and really tasted like a juicy apricot was squeezed right into my glass of beer. I loved it, and I’m absolutely looking for it the next time we go to a craft beer store.


We went back to Courtney’s house for a snooze before going to a movie party at Alamo Drafthouse. I’ve never been to a movie party, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we dressed up for this double date night and went to the movies. The theater itself was fantastic. The seats we comfy and we ordered food and drinks to be delivered right to us. The menu included special movie-themed cocktails, flavored popcorns, and entrees. I ordered the chicken fingers and fries, in case you wondered! We saw the movie Clue (hilarious cult-classic, by the way. Please see it if you haven’t), and we were given props and allowed to say lines with the movie. It was such a blast! And the movie itself is such a riot. Chris had never seen it before and was in stitches laughing, which only made us laugh harder. I hadn’t seen it since I was a kid, and I loved rewatching one of my childhood favorites. I also learned that an Alamo Drafthouse is opening up near me, and I am so looking forward to going to more movie parties, or maybe just enjoying a full meal and drinks while watching a great film.




Denver Day 2

Saturday morning in Colorado was another sleeping-in day — what can I say, we love our sleep!

We went into downtown Denver to have the BEST biscuits I’ve ever had at Denver Biscuit Co. Our wait for Saturday brunch was about 45 minutes, but we ordered drinks and waited on the outdoor patio while perusing the menu, and the wait didn’t seem too long. The environment of this place was great, and I really wish I took more pictures! It just had an overall great vibe — very country meets industrial arts district (actually the perfect aesthetic for downtown Denver, by the way) with neon light art pieces, murals, and a (fake, I think?) buffalo head on the wall. It is a very eclectic, open space with the best oldies and Motown tunes playing, and a couple big screens over the bar.

Everything on the menu looked incredible, so I had a really hard time choosing, but I finally settled on the Two Run Triple… at least I think that’s what it was… it was something baseall-esque (totally appropriate since we were going to a game that night), but I was biscuit-wasted and I don’t remember now. Either way, it was delicious. I got a side of mushroom gravy and homemade blackberry jam, and I don’t know how, but I found room in my body for all of it. I will 100% go back next time I’m in town. In addition to the food, I also ordered the rhubarb mule, and it was delicious! It had actual rhubarb jam in it and was a little on the sweet side (Chris wasn’t into it and instead opted for the El Diablo), but I loved it (I loved his drink too, actually), and everything else about this place!



After a post-brunch nap (guys… sleep is like our number one priority), we got ready to head back to downtown Denver for the Dodgers and Rockies game. Chris got to check the final stadium off of his NL West visit list, and I now only have one more to go! (Arizona, anyone?) 

The stadium was beautiful and reminded both Chris and me of both Petco Park in San Diego and Oracle Park in San Francisco. It felt both old (in the best way) and new, and the game itself was fantastic. Chris is a very adventurous eater and wants to try all of the foods that each ballpark is known for. Coors Field is known for its Rocky Mountain Oysters, so we had to get an order. Not sure what they are? Do a quick Google search. I’ll wait.

Yea… we tried them. They weren’t great. I don’t know if it’s because I knew what they were (they’re deep fried bull testicles, in case you didn’t Google it), or if it genuinely was the texture and flavor I wasn’t into, but they were a hard pass for me after the first bite. I did, however, get a hotdog and Blue Moon (what’s a baseball game without a hotdog and beer?!?), have lots of sunflowers seeds and peanuts, and we ventured out to center field for a pretzel-twister — a sweet-dough oblong pretzel slathered in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar. Imagine a pretzel and a churro had a baby… and you ate it.




After the game, we stopped in Blue Sushi Saki Grill. This restaurant is a short walk from the stadium, and they had great sushi and cocktails. I ordered the Grapefruit Mule (mules are usually my cocktail of choice), and although I don’t remember which roll was which, but we ordered Pretty in Pink, Godzilla Bomb, Lion King, and The Beach. My favorite was the Pretty in Pink.


After sushi, we headed back to Courtney’s and went to bed. We made it on time for our morning flight, and thanks to a direct flight on this leg of the trip, we had no layovers to worry about making on time. Because we flew to Denver at night, I didn’t get the gorgeous view I did on the way home. We flew over the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, and as we neared LA, we could see the Super Bloom from the plane! That’s a trip I’m dying to take too…


If you have any suggestions or recommendations for me the next time we head to Colorado, leave a comment. And definitely let me know if you try any of my recommendations! I’d love to hear about your trip here or on Instagram!

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